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Show package images in 3D along

with the PIL, and download the 3D image

MockUpload is a database, hosted by, for uploading package mockups.
Why upload mockups?
Uploading your mockup-pdf’s is a free of charge possibility for your company to improve your product information to patients and customers. When a mockup is uploadet it will be processed into a 3D picture.
The picture will be visible to the public:
  • At indlæ (ap. 200.000 pageviews a month). View package image on website: Jardiance
  • In Apotekerforeningens app "", launched spring 2021.
  • The 3D picture is off course also available for your companys own use.
Visit website for upload

How to join?

All it takes is that you upload your mockups in the database. You can upload up to 50 pdf’s at the time. Write an email to Christoffer at and he will grant you access to the database.
The pdf you upload will be processed to a 3D picture by the database (see below), and manually validated before published.

Is it obligatory?

No, it is up to you. It’s a service, that we offer the pharmaceutical industry, to help improve information about your product.


You can read more about security and the use of pictures at
Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions. Please contact Christoffer: for access to the database and technical questions or Tone: for other questions
Skal du bruge pakningsbilleder?
Du har mulighed for at abonnere på pakningsbilleder fra fx til brug i din webshop eller en app. På den måde øges genkendeligheden, og dermed sikkerheden, fx ved køb og håndtering af medicin.’s pakningsbilleder leveres som perspektivbilleder. Du kan selv vælge vinklen på billedet.
Pakningsbilleder findes også med norske, svenske og islandske tekster.
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